What is the Directive Communication CBCI profiling tool?

The CBCI (Colored Brain Communication Inventory) is a profiling tool unlike others. It is different because the focus of this tool addresses both Nature and Nurture in the formation of Processing characteristics. The foundation is in discovering the Genetic architecture that supports the way an individuals Brain communicates and processes information. It also establishes the "Brain Flexibility" (unnatural characteristics that have been developed through environment) that cross into other genetic territories.

Imagine two computers, a Macintosh and a PC. Both can run "Microsoft Excel" and both can run "Adobe Photoshop" (graphics software), yet you cannot run software written for one type of computer on the other. And, even the same programs have a slightly different look and feel to them. Additionally Excel runs very fast on a PC and a bit slower on a Mac, but Photoshop runs far faster on the Mac than on the PC. Our brains work in the same way. If we are genetically built to process information in a certain way and we are "forced" to swallow systems or procedures or management styles that are "designed" for a different brain processor, we tend to be less efficient and less fulfilled. Yet, if we have a greater understanding of the processor we are running in our brain, it becomes easier to design the right "software" to do the job better and more effectively. The CBCI helps do just that.

The second part of the profile also determines the areas necessary to gain more "Communication Flexibility" in order to work well with other types of brain processors.

The Colored Brain Communication Inventory (CBCI)
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