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When we approach a situation and see the behavior of others, we are looking through Colored Glasses. We see with colored perceptions based on how our brain physically processes information which can cause frustration and even discrimination based on the colors of our brain.

Most of us have heard of the idea that we have a Right Brain and a Left Brain, and that each have a different way of processing information. The Left - Logical, Analytical, Systematic, Detailed..., and the Right - Creative, Emotional, Intuitive, Conceptualizing...

Additional, there are also different levels of our brain where we do this as well. These areas are Cognitive (Deep thinking), Limbic (Doing, Accessioning) and Reptilian (Instinctual).

If we take these parts and divide them accordingly, it looks like this.

Imagine if you were wearing green glasses. As you look around, you would see the color of everyone else's glasses as green also (just different shades) regardless of what color they were really wearing. And when you communicate with them, you would approach them as if they think and process information in the same way you do. This is where much of our frustration and under-productivity comes from. This is why the foundation for Psycho-Productivity is in the understanding of how we and others process information. Repositioning our beliefs about communication so that we can better utilize the mental resources in ourselves, our peers, our superiors and our subordinates.

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