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Arthur F. Carmazzi :

Arthur Carmazzi's Directive Communication is one of the best transformational courses I have attended. It has many practical applications and interactive exercises that scientifically illustrate how we can improve results and performance. Using this has made a big difference in motivating myself and continually influencing the behavior of my organization. I would recommend this to anyone wanting to make a difference.

Lance Tay
Deputy CEO

John Hancock Life Assurance

Thought your session was great and very inspiring, especially the accompanying activities and music which captured the attention of our staff. You have a new following because of your charisma!

Josh Lim (Speaker)
Josn Lim & Associates

Arthur’s Directive Communication programmes have made a noticeable impact here at MTV. Our managers and staff have shown measurable results in their productivity and in their ability to minimize conflict. In our follow-up sessions, each demonstrated a greater aptitude in bringing out the best of themselves and their colleagues. We will continue to implement Directive Communication courses and use the CBCI in our international curriculum and highly recommend Arthur F. Carmazzi and his technology to any organization wishing to make the most of their human capital.

Feline Chua
Director of Human Resources

MTV Asia

I thought your season was interesting and knowledgeable. Your style of teaching is innovative and practical. You should introduce this method to government agencies as the best PR and communication program.

Thanks a lot

Wan Ahmad Nizam
Public Relations Officer
Public Service Department

•  Refreshing

•  Stimulating

•  Applicable

PS : Entertaining too!

Thank you

Zulkifli Jantan
State Health Department, Serawak

I am certainly more "aware" after attending the seminar. After watching the Matrix-Reloaded, I feel like I've taken the pill that allowed me to see how people are programmed and allowed me to choose how to interact with others. It has been a month and a half and the stuff is getting easier and easier to use. For example, I had trouble understanding why one of my staff took such a long time to complete a task and why he could not produce a plan that would satisfy the organization's needs. It wasn't until I realized he was purple-brained and hence information-focused, and relatively slower in processing and acting than me, that I knew how to better communicate to him about my expectations and improve his performance - without losing any hair. I've learnt that choosing a posture before a meeting will create a greater chance for success. Using the CDC cards, I've helped supervisors identify what their direct reports needs are and how they process information so that they can better assign tasks that will excite employees and make them more productive.

Michael Foo
Software Engineering Department Manager


These sessions were very good, excellent and inspiring, and it really helped to increase my confidence. I would like to know more about your future workshop sessions, please email me your program.

Thank you

Sharifah Narolah

The program was an eye-opener and a journey of self-discovery. Arthur was very inspiring, able to instill the emotional tools in me needed for making a change in my organization and in really connecting with people. He is also entertaining and educational which turned the program into an enlightening experience. This is a program which I highly recommend, excellence through experiential learning.

Khatimah Mahadi
Vice President
CitiBank (Malaysia)

These sessions did inspire me on the rules/attitudes that I should have as a company spokesperson and will bring major changes to our PR division

DK. Azami PN A
PR Officer
Sultan Hassanal Bolkiah Foundation

As the International Senior Advisor for the China Association for NGO Cooperation I have been involved with training and enrichment programs from some countries, but never before have I been exposed to such a powerful program as Arthur’s. His ability to expand and even transform the attitudes of those involved in our projects was uncanny. He was able to get people from different cultures and different agendas aligned with one vision. His interactive Directive Communication based workshop got our people to truly understand one another and work more cohesively than ever before. I commend Mr. Arthur F. Carmazzi for his superior ability and his sincere compassion for those whose lives he touches with his work.

Dorit Lehrack
International Senior Advisor

CANGO (China Association for NGO cooperation)

Arthur’s Directive Communication programs have helped leadership at SingTel excel in creating a supportive and effective work environment. The results show up in the greater interest that different departments have taken in each other and in generating increased synergy and better communication across departments. This has positively affected the over all efforts towards our objectives. We have used Arthur a number of times because “Directive Communication” methodology and tools have been found to work for us!

Eugene Tan
Senior Training Manager

Sing Tel

This session is fantastic! It's so much fun and I learned a lot about branding, postures etc and want to learn more in future; hopefully with the same speaker. Thanks

Mazridah PDKD Hj Abd Rahman
Public Relations Office

I was impressed about the research you did about our company. You have successfully nailed quite a lot of issues on the head and have made many in the audience suddenly aware of possible causes of their communication or relationship problems.
Most importantly, you did it in a light, amusing way that took tension away from a potentially embarrassing or tense situation. We all enjoyed it even as we realized our faults!

Shim Yok Lam
Regional Director

Eppendorf (Asia Pacific) SA

The program was very much in line with conquering challenges in our day-to-day operation and your timing was excellent. People could really relate to your stories and exercises for cultivating a greater service attitude, and you did a great job “taking them there”. Most of my people including myself had fun and got real value. The brain color exercise was excellent for really understanding our communication.

Charles de Foucault
General Manager

The Ritz-Carlton, Seoul

This session has further strengthened my belief in good communication skills and that a variety of postures and information are important in relaying messages effectively. (Music plays a part too!)

Sherina Suhaimi
Education Officer (Public Relations Unit)
Ministry of Education, Brunei BB 3510

The Directive Communication seminar I attended where I gained insight on colored glasses was most enlightening. When I shared this with my team of telesales professionals it made a significant impact. We applied it to our script, tone of voice, and amount of information based on initial assessment of what type of colored glasses our customers were “wearing”. We found that it has helped us to match our delivery with the various types of customers. This has enabled us to better serve our customers and meet their needs.

Henry Lee
Manager, Corporate Accounts

Microsoft Corporation

Your color coded brain affinity model provides an enlightening perspective into the nebulous characteristics that spell success in today's complex interpersonal relationships in the world of business. The "brain mapping" sessions were insightful and exciting...great to have been a participant of your program.

Michael Lor
Managing Director, Corporate Services Grp

DBS Thai Danu Bank

Very informative and packed with a new approach to media effectiveness through practical demonstrations. Excellent music. Full participation from the audience.

Extremely interesting and energetic talk. We appreciate what you have shared with us

Thank you

Yahya Mirasa

While many communication principals may be known to us, they are far from actually being practiced in the corporate world, this workshop definitely helps organizations and their people to change mind set and even behavior. It has indeed been relevant to increasing productivity.

P.R. Joshi
Senior Vice President

Zydus Cadila Healthcare (India)

The session is very inspiring as I haven't been exposed to the four different postures when dealing with the publics/clients. It was also enlightening to learn how important branding is in placing an organization in the forefront

Mona Fairuz Nordin
Senior assistant Director
Corporate Communication Division
Putrajaya Corporation or

It was a great seminar. Most beneficial to those want to have a fresh impetus for life and transformation of their organization. Arthur was amazingly inspiring.

MSc (Soc & Org Psy)
Assistant Director

Military Security Department, Ministry of Defense

New ideas to communicate with media. Posture that can explain more of the information given. Should be taught to0 all managers and leaders.

Pictures helped explain image/functions/goals

Felicity L Ening
Public Relation Officer
Malaysian Cocoa Board

The Directive Communication "Foundations" course is a wonderful adventure in discovering new dimensions in communication and leadership. I am increasingly amazed at the results I have gotten by applying these strategies at Colgate. I also have become conscious of some of the things I "used to do" that were creating a negative impact and corrected them. Thank you so cuch

Hima Mehta
Head of Communications

Colgate-Palmolive (India)

Arthur has far exceeded the expectations we had for this exercise. His process for developing a unified vision seemed unorthodox but delivered more than projected. The workshop helped all have the same clear direction and unified key stakeholders to make a notable difference in the projects success. We will be using Arthur again in future projects and recommend him with high regard.

Joseph Lo
Senior Project Advisor for Artisan Development Project in Tibet

UNDP (United Nations Development Program)

•  Excellent learning different postures to face the media. Useful way for me and it will be applied to my staff and other officers as well

•  However, not so easy to use when you are constantly under pressure with date dues and urgent betters !!

Thank you

Prof. Madya DR. Norani Mohamad
Director Industrial Relations and Commercialization Division

The workshop was very insightful. Directive Communications revealed the interesting psychology behind better communication that one can apply in daily communication, be it for work or communicating with friends and family. It helps one to better understand self and others, influencing, motivating and aligning teams and organization. Definitely a worthwhile course to attend for those who want to lead and transform better organizational alignment.

Kevin Ch'ng
Asia Pacific Marketing Manager

Conoco International Inc.

Your thought provoking workshop has inspired us to be better motivators in our arena of work. You have also shown us innovative ways to enhance our professionalism and leadership skills. Thank you.

Col Tung Yui Fai
Commander ARMCEG

Singapore Army

Arthur’s retreat for the Nestle senior management really gave clarity to the implementation of our GLOBE initiative. He worked with our senior management team to establish foundations for a substantial change in our organization and really made a difference.

Tengku Marina Badlishah
Group Corporate Affairs Manager

Nestlé (Malaysia) Berhad

Strongly Recommended, Mastery made easy to understand. Helped me a lot on a personal basis too.

Amy Quek,
Public Relations Officer

Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore

This course has made a big difference in my career and my life.

Thank you

Hew Kok Leong,
Head of Customer Service


Arthur's Session has greatly enlightened my career path & my self understanding, very entertaining.

Charylnn Ng,
Account Executive

MediaCorp Radio

The Workshop was an eye-opener. Learnt new techniques which will help tremendously especially when communicating with fellow workers & bosses. Also learnt a few things about myself, Thank you so much.

Goh Joon Kim
Fuels Marketing


Directive Communication revealed new horizons in what I believed communication to be, this was one of the most worthwhile courses I have taken. Thank you for making this enlightening experience entertaining, educational and practical.

Ho Yuet Mee

Ernst & Young

Arthur is very inspiring, by enabling greater understanding of his Directive Communication Concepts, he transforms the way we look at business, marketing, and relationships. He defiantly outshines other speakers with his confidence and amazing participation. He is a man that really walks his talk.

Katherine Cheung
Vice President, Marketing

Merrill Lynch

Arthur is a consummate coach cum presenter. A master of communication and change, Arthur works his "Carmazzi Magic" in connecting people with their purpose. I thoroughly enjoyed myself while learning.

Ching, Siong Hon
Head of People Development


Before, I was very skeptical and not motivated to take on challenges to change the way I work as well as to understand others. Now, I have a broader picture of how things work. "You're a loser if you don't attend this program with the one and only ….Arthur Carmazzi".

Cynthia Lee
Human Resources Executive


Arthur is like a breath of fresh air in an environment stifled with all kinds of stigmas - fraud, deception, technology etc. He is good motivation for people like me working in a technological environment, and with most people thinking 'negatively'. Would benefit lots more people to bring the best out of us!

Nazbe Abdul Hamid
Manager, IT Risk Dept
Group Audit Division


Arthur has helped me to discover myself and enhance the ability to understand/have better perceptions of others. Arthur's program is simple and comprehensive and energized everybody in the group.

Murizah Tengku Zainal Abidin
TT dot Com Sdn Bhd

Malaysians need Carmazzi to bring the best out of us. It will bring the true meaning of 'Kerana Mu Malaysia' and make this country a better place to live in.

Mohd Zalmi
Head of Quality Assurance

Arab-Malaysia Finance Bhd

An Excellent 2 day workshop, it has made a whole lot of difference for me and my company.

Aparna Shetty
Executive - Corporate Communications

Bayer (India)

Directive Communication is simple, provocative and enlightening. I will definitely implement what I have learned in my company and its corporate culture. Your teachings have given me courage to change myself and become more direct in handling problems since all I have to do is to switch part/roles. I like the part especially about the colored brain and that we are actually 'the problem and the solution'. This is good to avoid thinking that 'it's someone else's fault'. Therefore, I can grow and help others grow.

Ferdinand Dion
Head of Corporate Communication

Bank NISP, Indonesia


Very informative information with new approach in media practice. Effective physical demonstration.                                                                      
Excellent music, Full participation from the audience.
Very interesting and energetic talk.
We appreciate what you have shared with us.

Thank You

Yahya Mirasan
Brunei Participant


The great your session great! Very inspiring, and the accompanying Activities and musk ensure good 
Retention of the stuff learns. You have cut leader charisma!

Josh Lim (speaker)
Josh Lim &Associates .my


I think your session is interesting and knowlegable. You style of teaching is inouchue and practiced
You should introduce this matured to Government agency the new way of doing PR communication matured Thanks a lot…

Wan Ahmad Nisan
Public Relation Officer.

Public Service Department


Julkifu  Jantan
State Health Department Scale

1. Refreshing
2. Stimulating
3. Applicatte.

Ps; Entertaining too

Sony-out card


This session are very Good, Excellence and inspire me, it give me more
Confident in my understanding .I would like to have same more session.
On your talk in future, please email me your Program
Thank you

Sharifah Narolah


Dk.Arani PN A

Sultan Hassanal Bulkiam Foundation (PR officer) This session did inspire me on the rules /attitude themI should learn at a company spoke person will bring a change in our Pr decision.


Mazridah Rahman

This session is lot about brandy, postures, and etc.would like to learn more in future hopefully with the same speaker



What do I think of Arthur F.Carmazzi session?
- Enlightening
- Interesting
- Have to apply in my job to know it works

Siti Zahira

PR unit  ministry of Defewee
Bolkian Garrison
Brunai Darussalam


3 Actions:
1. Responsive
3. Positive Engagement
It is interesting to identity the different postures that actually can be apply to any organization and give different results /feedback to them. Good to know you and hopefully our organization can bring more positive result benefiting fro this confenem. Thank you.  

Noradina Hj Muhamad
Public Relation Unit, Ministry of Health

Jalan Menteri Besar,Bandar Sri Bagawan BB 3910 Negara Brunei Darussalam
Phone (:9673) 2380989 (office)


This section is quiet interesting I can apply the gesture or emotion in my working place, if remind me to apply or use correctly emotion when in front of the crisis management

1. make a friends/contacts especially meelia
2. be more happy with my jobs
3. be more pro-active

Very good exercise with good songs. I’m very impressed.
Thank you.

Mdm.Hasrita Jaafar
Malaysian cocoa Board
Library/Public Relation officer
Mona Fairuz Nordin
Senior Assistant Director
Putrajaya Corporation


The session is very inspiring as I haven’t be exposed to the four different postures when dealing with,
With the publics /client. It also highlighted that branding is a very important aspects in putting an organization in the forefront

Malaysian Cocoa Board
( Inspiring Through Media Session New ideas to communicate with media
Posture that can explain more of the information givenShould be learn by manager and leaders need porticoPictures do help to explain image/function/goal)


This is a good session I’ve ever offended
-create an eye open
-gives better picture an roles of PR in breaking with media
-Good confident and create better personality and I mage

Public Relation Unit
Ministry of Defense
Bolkiah Garrison BB3510  Brunei Darussalam



Arthur F.Carmazzi, 2006
Comments on the session:

1. Excellent learning different postures to different media-we fry way for next to be applied to my staff and lot officers as well
2. However, not to easy to use when you are constantly under pressured with date .and dross grant letters
Thank you..