Arthur F. Carmazzi

Principal Founder of The Directive Communication™ Organizational Development Psychology

Transformational Leadership

Leading a Brand Culture in your Organization

Inspiring Passion in the workplace by aligning Personal and Brand Values

This workshop identifies the strategies and psychological applications of creating a corporate culture where employees truly care about the organization and literally live the values it represents. Individuals like Jack Welsh and Richard Branson have built extraordinarily renowned brand driven companies through cultivating the “Right” culture.
This highly interactive workshop uses the “Directive Communication™” discipline to penetrate the emotional sphere of employee behavior and establish an environment of fulfillment and congruence with the organizations brand values. Employees are taken through a series of exercises leading to self realizations that enhance congruency in customer service, sales, leadership, and communications. The workshop cultivates the emotional and decision-making base for directing attitudes to be in line with the organizations Vision and Brand values.

lead Who Should Attend

CEO's, Managing Directors, Senior managers, directors, department heads, corporate communication managers, marketing managers, brand managers, consultants, and sales managers

  • Arrow Apply "leadership identities" that will inspire subordinates to raise their own standards in accordance with Organisational Values
  • Arrow Manage employee’s ability to deal with problems and people in a Brand Congruent and innovative manner
  • Arrow Apply DC psychology to affect an emotional attachment to the Organisations brand values
  • Arrow Use DC to Influence the personal emotions and actions that cultivate a Brand Centered environment and Brand culture
  • Arrow Perpetuate the effects of the program applying DC strategies for support teams throughout the organisation
  • Arrow Gain more personal fullfilment from work
  • Arrow Cultivate a Brand Congruent Psycho-Productivity Environment in YOUR Organization
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