Arthur F. Carmazzi

Principal Founder of The Directive Communication™ Organizational Development Psychology

Resourceful Team Development

Powerful teams can produce powerful results. This program cultivates and aligns the Innovation, Communication, Leadership and Mission of the participants to drive unity within the organization. Through the use directive strategies that influence at the subconscious level, participants will develop rapport across most people and thinking styles. Participants transform themselves and develop the skills and creativity to influence others within the organization to equally raise their standards. Teams will understand how to maximize their whole brain characteristics to maintain cohesiveness and replicate their success in other departments using a cascading structure that affects the entire organization.

Who Should Attend - CEOs, Managing Directors, managers, department heads, team leaders, project managers, brand managers, complete project and management teams, consultants, and groups of front line staff


"all the Patriots here are sincerely feeling that you guys are with us today and have played a very crucial part in getting us were we are now and I am sure you will stay with us along the path of our future with Emirates Marina and Emirates Hotels & Resorts!"

Bruno Hivon

General Manager

Emirates Marina Hotel & Residence

  • Affect the mindset of team members to be in line with company mission
  • Increase emotional attachment of teams to company
  • Increase Innovation, Communication and Productivity in teams
  • Bring out the cohesive qualities in team members
  • Increase drive and affect competence
  • Do more with less
  • Overcome resistance to change and induce empowerment
  • Fewer costly oversights and mistakes
  • Better relationships and problem prevention
  • Stress-free problem solving
  • Minimized conflicts in the workplace