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Free Team Building ideas using Directive Communication Psychology

1. The Colored Business Game
Training Game Designed and created by Arthur F. Carmazzi

This teambuilding idea accommodates groups of 10 to 36 with a duration of 30 minutes.

To create synergy between departments and cultivate interdepartmental cooperation and teamwork.

Team Building Game Description:
An extensive role-play exercise that assembles people with matching brain processors (see CBCI) into teams and requires them to do business with each other in order to give a higher return on investment to the shareholders. As each team interacts with teams of different brain processors, their actions become non-cooperative and counter productive to the objective. Each group gives a final presentation to find their outcomes could be improved by at least 70%

Team Building Game Learning:
When matching brain processors are assembled in one group (company, department, project team…) their perception of the world around them is reinforced in ONE way of communication processing. Each team will react predictably creating a counter productive environment. After debriefing of the final presentations, each participant is instilled a profound understanding of how this happens in their workplace and the affects it's having on their productivity and team communication. The result is more cooperative individuals that can work easily across departments and cultivate a better team environment.

Tools needed:
Colored Brain Communication Inventory (CBCI) – your participants can take the Free online version or, you can order hard copies at: Explanations will be provided when you take the test.

Colored business game set – buy from us at only US$12 or make your own (email us for instructions at: )

Leadership and Facilitation:
Before the team building activity begins, each participant must have their of CBCI results. This can be accomplished by using hard copies in a workshop ( best if facilitated by a certified CBCI consultant ), or by having your participants pre-take the free CBCI on line prior to the workshop and having them print out their results.

Ask all the “Green Brained” participants (participants who's profile score indicates to they have a “Green Brain” processor), to stand in one corner, then the “Red Brained” to sand in another, and the same for ‘Blue” and “Purple”.

Tell the teams that each of them will be a separate company.

•  The Green Team is a Marketing consulting Company

•  The Red Team is the Bank

•  The Blue Team is an Executive Search and Training company

•  The Purple Team is an IT company

You, the facilitator, are a major share holder for these companies and you will decide whether to invest in each company based on its “Profit Potential”. So, in order for the companies to get the necessary investment, they must have all the resources they need to succeed. The Colored business game set contains cards representing the products and services for each team's company. Give each team their appropriate set and let them know they can buy, trade or deal with their cards and the other teams to acquire the resources they need. They will have 20 minutes to do “whatever it takes to win”. After which, each team's company will give an Annual Report Presentation as to why their team's company should get the investment.

Here is where the real fun comes and your teams get Emotional Learning (the kind of learning that only comes form feeling bad enough about a mistake that you NEVER repeat it).

As the outcome of this teambuilding exercise must be kept confidential to preserve the team cooperation benefits, we will send you the remainder of facilitation by email. The conditions for using this team development game are:

  • That you never reveal or hint to the outcome or give favoritism to any team
  • That you mention that this is a Directive Communication™ team building game developed by Arthur F. Carmazzi (if you incorporate this in a manual, it should be included in writing)
  • That you role-play the share hold character as will be described in the email to the best of your ability.

If you agree to the above conditions, please send an email with your name, organization, and position, and we will send you the final facilitation procedure.

The results are amazing

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