Change Leadership Culture Enhancement Programs

Directive Communication™ (DC) is a foundation science of how people act and react to each other in groups, and how that relates to Productivity, Leadership, and Workforce Effectiveness. Using this psychology in a Systematic Process to inspire ownership within the individual, team, and organization, DC sets the emotional and decision-making base for optimizing workforce attitudes and cooperation.

These programs are designed for Specific Groups such as Key Influences and Future Leaders chosen through the discovery process to positively direct enthusiasm to create a “creative problem solving environment”. In addition participants will gain a new perspective of their place in the organization, and learn how they can make a difference in their lives through “Being Better Employees” and as well how it affects their own balanced lives.

There are four programs to choose from, each with a specific purpose to achieve your organizational goal. All allow the creation of an environment that reinforces cooperation, creativity and passion that will lead to an overall improvement in quality of life in and out of work. Length ranges from a minimum of 5 days to a maximum of 16 days, dependent on organizational needs and can be stretched over a period of three months for flexibility of staff and management with a hectic schedule.

All programs are administered by Arthur F. Carmazzi with the assistance of Directive Communication Certified Consultants. These workshops apply the Directive Communication 3R Protocol (Reposition, Rapport and Replication)l throughout.

Innovative, Effective and Inspiring DC Programs

  • Cultivating a Vision Centered Culture for Workforce Enhancement and Vitalizing Corporate Culture
  • Creating a High Performing Creativity Culture in Your Project Teams and Departments
  • Cultivating Superior Future Leadership Grooming Corporate Culture through Leadership Development
  • Cultivating a Brand Centered Culture Aligning your Workforce to Live your Organizations Brand Values
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$1.00 RESULTS Guarantee

If the program fails to meet the metrics mutually set in the strategy session, provided that all workshop participants complete their projects properly in the time allocated, then you (the client) pay only $1.00 plus expenses. If the set objectives are met or exceeded, then you pay for the consulting package in full plus expenses.


The program is to be implemented by Arthur F. Carmazzi with the assistance of Directive Communication Certified Consultants.

Outline and Process of Vision Centered Culture Initiative
Part 1

The Discovery Module will consist of a series of interviews and information gathering sessions with a number of employees of the organization. These sessions will lead to a more thorough understanding of the existing culture of the firm and help identify some of the specific circumstances that require attention during the course. This will also be an opportune time to explain some of the objectives of the Vision Centered Culturing initiatives and participants will be exposed to many of the tools, techniques and strategies of Directive Communication.

Part 2

Strategic Planning analyses the information gathered, and presents HR and senior management with the quantifiable outcome for each high potential during the program. Also outline and get approval for, the required support from management for its successful implementation.

The roles of leadership in improving organizational culture will be discussed and established. Specific strategies to catalyze vision alignment and make it congruent with organizational objectives will be established. An understanding of psychological process used during this program and the objectives of EACH project will be established.

Senior Management’s role in this initiative is crucial
Part 3

Transformational Directive Communication Component to consist of 6 One-day training events. Simultaneously Senior Management will have 6 separate one hour coaching sessions to support the initiative.

These 6 One-day workshops apply the Directive Communication 3R protocol throughout the process:

Through the application of DC psychology and experiential methods, the initial one day workshops are designed to stimulate and enhance cooperation and initiative at the mental level.

The reason this program is successful over other types of initiatives is that the psychological foundations are expanded by the employees themselves, not by management and not by consultants. Each of these Modules contains “Implementation Projects” designed to cultivate ownership and excitement within the ranks of your people.

The strategy is based on U.S. Special Forces PYOPS tactics combined with DC Corporate Re-Culturing strategies. When a core group has internalized “Directive Communication foundations” the psychological weapons of influence are systematically applied across the organization. The key influencers (core group attending the workshops) within the organization are simultaneously trained in “Force Multiplication” tactics.

From the core group, individuals create DC A-teams incorporating different organizational hierarchies (i.e. management, supervisors, front line, and support). They then become the strike force that ignites culture enhancement from within, they are the force for the good of the organization. They gain a strong sense of purpose because they fulfilling their own needs through the organization, not just doing the job. Each participant can identify opportunities to lead, nurture the Communicator mind-set and take the action to apply their leadership skills.

DC provides the tools and systems by which individuals at different levels of personal commitment to the organization can become “Ambassadors of the Vision Centered Culture”. Alignment and service productivity are a combination of knowledge and passion.

The interaction for the purpose of achieving higher personal standards and higher levels of living is cultivated through change in associations and beliefs about their environment and others. Culture and fulfillment are then established through the use of a common language (to be indoctrinated throughout the program) and simple sets of rotating actions to reinforce “Leadership attitudes” and greater fulfillment throughout the working day.

As systems and teams are created, a support structure for greater drive, higher emotional acuity, and a superior sense of purpose within the work environment is cultivated. Systems are set up so as to promote leadership drive and innovation for the well being of individuals and the organization’s mission.


  • Selected Participants will be able to use Directive Communication Psychology to deal with problems and people in an effective manner
  • Selected Participants will be able to apply Directive Communication Psychology to affect change in the behaviors and perceptions of work of small groups to affect a more effective working environme
  • Selected Participants will be able to assist staff to use more creativity in problem solving and take greater initiative to handle difficult situations.
  • Selected Participants will be able to use Directive Communication Psychology to cultivate rapport and influence the emotions and actions of themselves, stakeholders, subordinates, colleagues and suppliers
  • Selected Participants will have enhance skill levels in motivating people and enable individuals to reach higher levels of cooperation, productivity and personal success
  • Selected Participants will have internalized Directive Communication Psychology communication skills that can be applied to excellence in effective cooperation, personal leadership, sales and marketing, and customer service
  • Selected Participants will be immersed in interactive exercises that will develop confidence and competence in the Directive Communication Discipline that is disseminated throughout the organization.
  • Selected Participants will be able to use Directive Communication Psychology to apply new strategies that will make work more fulfilling, rewarding and fun for their subordinates and the people they work with.
  • Selected Participants will be able to use Directive Communication Psychology to replicate what they have learned and apply tactics that multiply the effect of the program and projects within the organization to affect a more cooperative and fulfilling work culture.
  • Selected Participants will be able to use Directive Communication Psychology to perpetuate the effects of their projects through the development of support teams throughout the organization as a foundation to affect long term culture enhancemen