Change Management Training for Organizational Change

Learn Change Management and Organizational Change

4 Day Change Management Training based on Arthur’s “Lessons from the Monkey King” Process to Affect Organizational Culture

This is the Most Popular Change Management Training Program because it makes a noticeable impact without using too much time. Based on Arthur’s Monkey King Management Revolution Process (Creating Sustainable Organizational Culture Change in LESS than 3 Months), this program will take Participants from Senior and Middle Management through the step by step actions to and break through the psychological barriers that will manifest visible change in your organizational culture.

2 Day Change Management Training Courses for Time Stretched Individuals

For those who are under heavy time constrains and wish to learn the methodology to impact their organizational culture, this is the right program for you.

2 + 4 Day Change Management Training Programs for Real Results

The Complete package, using Directive Communication Psychology to teach the Systematic Change Process applying Change Leadership and Change Agent Leadership to create a personal Psychology Based Organizational Change Action Plan. The Program is designed for senior and middle managers as well as identified Key Influencers to not just learn but IMPLEMENT what they have learned. With the DC Organizational Development “Change Management” Process, you can design your own organizational culture program and have the knowledge and tools to put it into effect.

Some of the Organizational Culture Changes you will see include:

  • More Team Work and Cooperation
  • More Caring about the people individuals work with
  • More Fun at work while maintaining productivity and creativity
  • More Trust across all levels of the organization
  • Less Fear and better communication
  • Less Blame and more responsibility

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