Keynote Speaker on Organizational Change & Corporate Culture

Corporate Culture and Organizational Change Presentations

Have a FUN, Interactive Session where Your People will Reflect on Their Roles in Your Organization and take the steps to Affect Your Organizational Culture

Arthur’s DC Psychology based methods do not just entertain or inform, they affect a persons deep desires to be the best they can be. And even when the organizational culture or environment may be affecting your people to lose sight of who they really want to become, Arthur’s methods get them back on the right track.

When you book Arthur for Keynote Speech on Organizational Change or Corporate Culture, you are giving your people a gift, one that goes beyond the workplace and carries into their homes and relationships… you are helping your people to realize how much of their own behavior is affecting those around them. They re then given the psychological tools to make a change, a change to affect their working environment, the way they deal with colleagues, the way they interact with customers and who they are in their personal life.

With the right tools and the right psychological buttons pushed, a 1 1/2 hour session can have a Profound Effect on your company and your employees.

2 Day Change Management Training Courses for Time Stretched Individuals

For those who are under heavy time constrains and wish to learn the methodology to impact their organizational culture, this is the right program for you.

Each Organizational Change or Corporate Culture Related Session is Customized to Each Clients Specific Needs. Let us know your…


Current Problems


Audience Expectations

…and you will have a event that your people will always remember. Not because Arthur is a Great Speaker, but because of how each of your people feel after the program… and because of how they will affect their peers and change their behavior to be more of who they are at their best

Some Outcomes Arthur has Achieved in the past:

  • More Cooperation and Teamwork with peers and managers
  • improved Personal Effectiveness
  • More Fun and Less Stress
  • People are kinder to each other and more helpful
  • Visible increase in cross departmental productivity
  • Less Blaming and More Responsibility

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