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Cultivating a Vision Centered Culture

Employee Engagement is the BUZZ word these days, there are hundreds of surveys and processes to let you know What is Going On in Your Organization… are Your Employees Engaged? The fact is that Employee Engagement is directly related to Vision Alignment. Do your employees believe in what your company stands for, in what you are trying to achieve?.

Leadership Development for High Potentials

Your future leaders are the foundations of your future success. If they are not aligned, if they are not aware the impact of their influence, they may have negative effects on culture and organizational effectiveness. Leadership teams need to understand each other and complement each other’s prospective to manifest great achievements.

Cultivate a Brand Centered Culture

Your organization’s brand is the essence of how the world sees your company. If your people do not LIVE your brand, your company is not congruent with what you promise your customers. The alignment of your brand and your organizational culture are essential for a competitive advantage.

Making an Effective Innovation Culture

If you are in a fast paced business environment where your competition is coming out with new products or services almost as fast as you develop them, then you need an Effective Innovation Culture, one which will give you the speed advantage to outrun, outperform and outlast your competition. An organizational culture where your people will make fast accurate decisions to make things happen at the speed of success.

HR managers and Leaders often talk about “Mindset Change”. While adjustments in perception take place on a regular basis within individuals, and some types of Experiential Training can Direct and accelerate the process, “Mindset Change” is seldom a reality that lasts.



Globally Applicable Pandemic and Post-Pandemic Ready Culture Gamification Strategies

The pandemic has transformed business and has drastically affected culture. The uncertainty, isolation, and in many cases salary reduction has caused disruption in many people’s lives. GAME ON shares how to apply Gamification to take advantage of newly created unique opportunities to improve morale AND improve culture where it may have been more difficult before. Find on Amazon under Gamification at Work


Copy and apply from 5 case studies where we have successfully applied Work Gamification in 5 different industries… Telco, University, Financial, Manufacturing, and Hospitality. Plus over 80 examples and applications of Reinventing Organizational Culture with Gamification.
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Because we are a product of the environments (groups and teams) we interact in. The same individual acts and reacts differently in different environments – i.e. work, friends, family. Each environment can bring out the best or the worst in the individual and the individual equally affects the actions and reactions of the others in the group. Our job as leaders and developers of people and organizations is to create environments that promote behaviors that cultivate happy and effective workforce’s.

Now, using Directive Communication Psychology in a Systematic Change Process using Change Leadership and Change Agent Leadership, Your organization can cultivate highly effective, cooperative groups that bring out the best in each other. With the DC Organizational Development “Change Management” Process, Environments can be customized for you organization with emphasis on what is most important to your success.

Some DC Cultivated attributes may include:

  • Superior Organizational Leadership Environment
  • Brand Aligned Environment
  • Cultivation of in-house Change Agent Leaders
  • Operational Innovation Environment
  • Productivity Environment
  • Customer Centered Environment

The Directive Communication Creative Synergy Program is a six step Organisational Development process that takes place over 80 days and Guarantees Results. To see if your organization qualifies for our KPI Guarantee, contact us