Arthur Carmazzi As A Globally Ranked Leadership And Culture Thought Leader, Keynote Speaker

Arthur has been a Leadership & Organizational Change Keynote Speaker in 54  counties. As the original developer and founder of the accredited Directive Communication Psychology and best selling author of 11 books, his unique and effective contributions to leadership and organizational culture development, have earned him the Global Gurus Award in the Leadership and Organizational Culture categories and is globally ranked as the #9 and #6 thought leader in these areas.

In his Motivational keynotes, Arthur focuses on the psychology of leadership, gamification, technology and organizational culture, and how they are intertwined to affect performance, attitude, and personal and organizational success . His talks, even short ones, are interactive, fun (and funny), and motivational.

Arthur’s Leadership & Organizational Change Keynote Speeches are actionable and inspire and motivate to take action after the session. He has performed Leadership & Organizational Change Keynote Speeches for audiences as large as 12,000 and works with every client to customize his talks to as sure client objectives.

Leadership Development & Leadership Keynote Speaker

Developing Leaders at all Levels of Your Organization

Arthur Carmazzi

Ranked World’s #1 Thought Leader in Organizational Culture, Founder of the DC Psychology, and Creator of the Global Mentor Exchange Metaverse 

Arthur is ranked as the world’s #1 thought leader in organizational culture and #10 in leadership for 2021 and 2022 by Global Gurus. He is the Creator of the Web3 “Global Mentor Exchange” and the “Wisdom City” Learning & Development Metaverse. As the original developer and founder of the accredited Directive Communication Psychology and bestselling author of 13 books in organizational psychology and culture performance including Amazon #1 Seller “GAME ON – Reinventing Organizational Culture with Gamification”

Arthur’s research and gamification methodologies have influenced the training and leadership development industry and now extended to Web3 platforms to support Organizations and Experts to maximize practical applications of Digital Transformation. 

His innovative tools, assessments, games, and web3 applications have a visible ROI on engagement, productivity and effective behaviour modification though his unique game-based psychological approaches to leadership and corporate culture transformation interlacing humanity and technology. His research on the genetic foundations of the brain’s Ambiguity Relief clarity getting processes have been the inspiration of the Colored Brain model used across multinationals in 57 countries. 

Combing his multi-faceted gamified systems and processes in his proprietary Directive Communication Psychology, and over 620 licensed DC Certified Trainers and Consultants who practice and train others using his methodology, games, and assessments, DC is a global brand that defines visible results.