Gamification at Work – Creating High Performing GAMIFIED Feedback Measurement

Today we are going to be talking about gamification at work, and this is part three of the series and of course, this is all from the super cool and awesome book that you can get on Amazon called “Game on Reinventing Organizational Culture with Gamification.


What is Gamification?

Gamification is the systematic facilitation of team dynamics to combine measurement motivational psychology and basic all-around fun in existing or improved work processes or activities with the objective of creating desired behaviors and results.

Why it is important today? 

I have discussed the importance of Gamification in my PREVIOUS POST as well as my VIDEO.

Employee Engagement

How can gamification be used to engage employees?

Remember that everything we are going to be talking about here is easily implementable, do not worry about having all the PhDs and stuff. In fact, that is, me of the things that we are going to be talking about, what is a Ph.D.? It is a form of measurement, isn’t it?

What we have got? We have got different kinds of measurement.  These kinds of measurements, you can have things like PhDs, you can have things like superstar manager. Those are labels to a specific level which is a type of measurement.

Look at other things like, for example,

  1. Quality: the gold standard, “accredited 98% pure” … all of these are measurements that refer to, a specific type of quality.
  2. We have got comparing theformof measurement: improved first place and, of course, there is all time the 30-day challenge 15-minute delivery. All of those are forms of measurement that affect our emotions.
  3. We all have quantity. I got 23 likes, viewed 8000 times.
  4. Objective focused measurement 28-inch waist, zero defects.

Gamification Strategy

How do I gamify my workplace?

All these things are currently gamification type of measurements, but because we are accustomed to them, they are obvious to us that we do not really them as gamification, but measurement does create a Certain emotional connection to the different levels, achievements that are measured all.

Essentially there is an opportunity to take it to the next level and gamify it.  when we are looking at organizational culture, one of the first things you got to do is measure it.

What we are talking about, we are talking about measurement, you need to have a way to measure organizational culture. The first thing, of course, is to benchmark the organizational culture because just measuring it and not actually in its move, is not exciting.

Game Mechanics

How do you implement gamification?

What you want to do is you want to benchmark your organizational culture before you do any kind of gamification initiative, here is, what we use in order to do that., we use the OCEAN tool. the OCEAN tool is a benchmarking tool for organizational culture, and the better part, of course, is that as the organizational culture evolves, it measures its progress.

Technology to Gamify Productivity

What you want to do is you want to benchmark your organizational culture before you do any kind of gamification initiative, here is, what we use in order to do that., we use the OCEAN tool. the OCEAN tool is a benchmarking tool for organizational culture, and the better part, of course, is that as the organizational culture evolves, it measures its progress.

OCEAN stands for Organizational Culture, Evolution, Assessment Navigator; that’s. OCEAN for short cause saying all that and remembering it is hard. what we do is we use this tool in order to start anything before you start anything.


Remember it Does not matter whether you are in a big organization or a small organization. You have a culture and even if it is one division of an organization, you still have a culture, knowing what that culture is and knowing what you eventually want to get to be helpful.

I mean its, kind of like google maps. You need a starting place and a destination in order to have it. You cannot just have the destination, because otherwise, google does not know how to get you there.


The next thing, of course, is going to be time. Time is one of those things where, the faster the better, especially in gamification and the motivational engagement effects that gamification has, I mean think about it if it takes you 15 years to finally get to that level.

You are going to probably get a little unmotivated along the way, which would be bad.  what we want to do is we want to have fast super quick speed, immediate type of measurements and feedback.

But here is one of the problems. Some organizations are still kind of in the ice age style of measurement because they have these annual reviews and, of course, I am sure your company’s, not one of those because you will probably notice that if those companies you know they do that, that people usually start getting a little bit excited and producing roughly about a month or three weeks before the annual review, which is not very productive for the other 11 months.

Employee Engagement

For that matter, where how do they know that they are going in the direction? I mean it is all great. If you have got you know a leader that is essentially making sure that everybody gets feedback all the time. but the problem is that most leaders have a job to do that is, not babysitting everybody all the time.


We got to have an opportunity, a way to find to measure people on a regular basis, the faster the better. In fact, if you remember what we discussed in the last video, what we do is reverse engineer all the objectives and create or identify the behaviors that will help us to get there.

Important Tools

You remember that what we are going to do is to give instant feedback based on those behaviors. Here’s, what we are going to do all! We are, going to use an app called Squadli.  

Squadli is, super cool.

Why? Because it is designed to gamify behavior change.  and Squadli is one of these kinds of tools that supports having fun. While being more of the pern that you need to be in order to succeed, it benefits the individual in the process and of course, it benefits the organization too.

What happens? Is that sometimes I mean we get a little bit relaxed. You know and like you are thinking, but we do not really want to be relaxed. What we want to do is achieve higher levels of preanal value.

We use Squadli for is across the board, you have got the organizational culture tool, that you use for the culture, but you’re going to deal with individuals and teams.


Remember we were talking about individuals and teams, in the last video, you got to have all three levels of measurement all, here is, the Squadli dashboard. In this case, you can that you’ve got 10 teams and 38 people across 10 teams.  the teams are ranked on this screen. You can that the different levels or the different rankings of the teams – – and that means that the people in competing in one team can the people competing in the other team and you can create me healthy competition.

Rewards and Feedback

In this team we are, showing the number one team, you can how it goes up and down. Of course, everyone within the team al gets ranked, and in this screen we are. Looking at the number three individual in that team, he is, ranked number three out of.

However, many insides of that team.  What happens is that the people who are on the team are going to get emojis based on the behaviors that you have identified.  if you’ve identified, let’s, say eight behaviors that are going to help you to achieve those objectives.

All you need to do is identify and set-up peer-to-peer to get other people to identify people exhibiting those behaviors, and when you do that, you connect them to the behavior.

You connect them to an emoji or an award.

An emoji can be positive. Let us say you get somebody doing me cooperation and that is, one of the behaviors and you give them a powerful emoji or maybe you somebody a kind of whining and not wanting to cooperate, you give Them a frustrated emoji related to the behavior of cooperation, in which case they get negative points, and these points go up and down based on the behaviors, but it is, giving feedback Download Buff.


In fact, this is a fun way to give negative feedback, which a lot of people me times have difficulty doing all.  you ‘ Ve got individuals that are ranked and you have got teams that are ranked, but what happens if, like the team number one always is in the lead, that kind of would suck.

Therefore, we need the element of resurrection. Yes, you must kill that and resurrect it. Here’s what happens? Anytime, you play a game. You notice how you die in some games and then you get resurrected.

The same thing because if you died and then there is, no more game to play and you cannot, keep it going for a long time. It must be challenging.

If every time you start over, essentially you’re, starting at a zero slate, and with that your opportunities to win are renewed and you learn from the past week or month or whatever time frame you want to set for it.

We recommend a week, and therefore, you can exhibit more of these behaviors, your team is able to exhibit more of these behaviors and guess what the team ranks change based on what happens during that week, certain teams may get me rewards and Of course, they do not have to be monetary rewards, but resurrection.


Umm…it is a very important part because it keeps people that are not getting it yet motivated and giving them opportunities to get it. The other thing, of course, that squad is which we’re not going to go into too much here is that you have got different, behavior lists as., even though you may have the main list, let us say you ‘ Ve got innovation as behavior and somebody that doesn’t make the main list, but they’re, always like number two or three on the innovation list.

That is going to kind of give them some motivation that they are going to work on the other elements or behaviors that they need to and get on the list.  you are, getting a chance to get everybody to win me time me how and maintain higher levels of performance in relation to the behaviors that you want to do.

Gamification Program

All of that can be found in the case studies on the book: Game on and remember that, if you would like us to play a game with your people, that will help them to create gamified work processes give us a call – and we are going to set you up, of course, anything else that you need organizational culture change where you want us to go in and show you visible results, give us a call or send us an email at support,

This is Arthur Carmazzi, ranked the number four in the world: organizational culture, specialist, best-selling, author, and sometimes funny guy wishing you great success.

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