Management Training and Corporate Retreats

Leadership Development and Succession Planning Support

4 Management Program Outlines that you can look at:

Leadership Intelligence

Arthur’s most popular Leadership Development program. This helps leaders to identify and adopt their own unique Leadership Identity that will make them the Most Effective Leaders they can become… Harness the talents and values your leaders already have to bring out the best of who they are.

Team Building Retreats

Arthur’s Team Building retreats are not just fun and games, each is designed with DC psychology to assist your people become aware of how they are affecting the team, how the team affects them, and how they can meet their objectives and success with more clarity, cooperation and motivation.

Leadership for Supervisors

Leadership starts at all levels, and when your best people get promoted to supervisors, they often have some difficulties making the transition. Motivation of others, gaining respect and trust, and being able to bring out the best of their direct reports are only some of the challenges they will overcome with the right Leadership for Supervisors training.

Leadership Communication

Communication and Leadership development go hand in hand, influential and clear communication is essential for the development of a great leader. Learning elements of DC communication psychology will evolve leadership effectiveness and influence to support clarity of objectives and the paths to achieve those objectives

When Your Management Team gets Arthur’s Leadership Training or Custom Retreats, You will Notice a Difference in Productivity of Their Direct Reports

Arthur has been working with managers at all levels for over 12 years, his unique mix of Fun, Practical Application of his methodology usually gets very visible effects with subordinates and superiors. Middle Management and Supervisors are the foundation of organizational operations, without strong leadership, the corporate culture and the organizational effectiveness that goes with it will be affected.

Getting People to be a better Leader by learning “Skills” is futile, People do not fit into neat molds. Great Leaders need to be nurchured. Each Individual already has Leadership Characteristics somewhere in their life, the problem is usually that they have not refined them into a “Leadership Identity”. Arthur’s psychological processes help leaders define their own leadership style to get the effect through their own strengths.

When you book Arthur for a Management Retreat or a Leadership Development Workshop, or even How to Change an Organizational Culture, Arthur’s customized programs will have the impact required to see the results immediately upon their return

Some Outcomes Arthur has Archived in the past:

  • More Cooperation and Alignment with their Team
  • Better Ability to Communicate to their Teams and Create Clarity
  • More Fun and Less Stress
  • Faster, Easier Implementation of Change
  • Visibly More Effective Leadership
  • Creating Less Blaming in Their Team and Departments

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