Senior Management Training and Corporate Retreats

Exclusive Programs for Strategy, Planning, and Learning

4 Senior Management Program Outlines that you can look at

E.L. the NEW Leadership Model

Arthur’s Revolutionary Leadership model, “Environmental (Culture Based) Leadership”, provides Senior Management with a replica-table leadership strategy that is effective with any leadership identity. This program not only takes you through the facets of creating an ideal leadership Identity, but helps you to replicate exceptional leadership across your organization to nurture leaders that will take initiative at ALL levels.

Strategic Planning Retreats

When Vision and Action need to come together for an effective and “Implimentable” strategy, senior management needs a seasoned facilitator who can provide fresh insights and ask the right questions… and when you incorporate Arthur’s strategies for tweaking Organizational Culture into these tactics, achieving objectives is faster, cheaper and cultivates a common vision and motivation among your staff to get visible results

Senior Team Synergy

Senior management has seen it all! They need something NEW! And, with Unique processes for deeper self awareness of how they are not only affecting their peers, but the organization, is an essential step for greater results centered leadership. Combine this with practical applications of organizational psychology and cultivate a Senior Management Team that can make FAST, Effective and “Aligned” decisions to reach greater organizational objectives

Leadership Communication & Image

As a senior leader, the ability to confidently and effectively communicate to your people, the media, and your customers is not optional. Your communication and image determine the influence and credibility you have. The ability to respond quickly and intelligently in meetings, interviews and when solving problems, will not only affect your organizational culture, but stock prices and speed at which your organization can meet its objectives

When you get Arthur’s Programs, Facilitation, Training, or Customized Retreats to suit the unique needs of Senior Management, you WILL see Changes

Arthur has been working with senior managers for over 12 years, his unique mix of Fun, Practical Application and NEWNESS of his methodology always impress those who have archived great deeds and have been around. We are aware of the special needs and all senior management programs are customized to each organization and the issues that may be preventing it from being greater than it is.

Alignment of your senior team is essential to set the example for the rest of the organization.

Assuring Your Senior Leaders focus of the Organizational issues that affect your organizational culture and the company’s competitiveness needs to be included in any strategic planning sessions.

Helping your Senior Leaders refine their Identity as a Leader to Inspire greatness in your people.

Arthur has the experience and the methodology to keep your senior managers on track

When you book Arthur for a Management Retreat for Strategic Planning, or a Workshop on Advanced Leadership Development or How to Change and Organizational Culture, Arthur’s customized programs will have the impact and uniqueness required to assure senior managers that you have made the right choice for their development and objectives.

Some Outcomes Arthur has Achieved in the past:

  • More Cooperation and Alignment With the Leadership Team
  • Better Ability to Present and Communicate to the Organization and Media
  • More Fun and Less Stress
  • Faster, Easier Implementation of Change
  • Visibly More Effective Leadership
  • Creating Less Blaming in Their Organizations

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