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for the DC Psychology Trainer/Consultant Certification

If you are a Trainer, Coach, Consultant, want to be… or want to develop Super High Results Oriented in-house trainers/coaches… this is an opportunity for us to work together. If you would like to build your International practice or build and army consultants to build your organizational culture and leadership, this is an important mail for you to read.

If you are looking to secure a profitable future in the “expert” industry where you can work your own hours and travel around the world, you cannot do it alone, you not only need world class (even internationally accredited) branded workshops and consulting methodology like DC Psychology, but you need a complete system to market yourself and a support groups to keep you on the right track.

And, if you want to develop inhouse trainers, well, you still need a world class methodology that has a history of getting results over and over again.
You see a potential client (or possibly your own organization) has some serious problems and sometimes they think training alone will solve them… that’s ok… BUT, it provides a HUGE OPPORTUNITY if you have the system to show them exactly HOW bad their situation actually is and HOW YOU (or y our in-house trainers/coaches) can help to create “complete” initiatives over the course of a year rather than a one off training. This is where the real money (and client results) are. This is where our DC tools, processes and implementation strategies change the game. And this is how YOU can make it happen for your clients or your own organization!

This December 8th to the 14th I will working with a small group of experts (or potential experts) to certify them in the DC Psychology discipline… plus provide everything needed to build your international expert business in a BIG way! Check out the video here

If you are not familiar with the benefits of the internationally accredited Directive Communication Group Dynamics Psychology, let me share some highlights:

  • Learn Colored Brain which focuses on HOW People Take Action, their Genetic Action Sequences, and HOW Their Brain Process Information to get Clarity

  • How the Brain’s Ambiguity Relief system accidently destroys trust and who to fix it for an entire organization.

  • Have More Influence with People around You and Set them Up for Success with Simple Step by Step Points

  • The Emotional Drive Model, the WHY People Do what they Do. Easily Identify Motivators and barriers to success. Combine with Colored Brain and Create High Performers teams with the Team Success Matrix. Inspire People and Teams with Better Leadership

  • Understand how our internal focus mechanism affects our environment and learn the Key to effective cooperation and solving the problems that keep coming back

  • Know Why you achieve so much in some groups, but do poorly in others and Take Control
  • Learn Colored Brain which focuses on HOW People Take Action, their Genetic Action Sequences, and HOW Their Brain Process Information to get Clarity

  • How the Brain’s Ambiguity Relief system accidently destroys trust and who to fix it for an entire organization.

  • Know Why some people bring out the best in you, and others the worst and Take Control

  • Know Why Relationships start great, but end badly and Build Passionate Lasting Relationships

  • Know Why One Misplaced Person Can Destroy a Productive and Motivated Team and How to Match the Right People with the Right Team

  • Learn how to Profile someone in 7 Minutes so well that it Appears like MIND READING

  • Learn how to Change Your Mood in less than 20 seconds and Affect the Moods of Others with the Same Strategies

  • …and so Much More

So START making an impact with the latest knowledge and wisdom in the science of group dynamics (and make some good money too). Go here right now.

What makes this Train The Trainer Program and Training Career Opportunity different?

  • A complete Training system that gets Fast Visible Results in your Training or Consulting
  • Total Trainer Branding and Marketing Support
  • International Recognition and Credibility
  • Programs that get up to 42% better implementation
  • DC Training Tools & Integrated Training & Organizational Development System
  • Accreditation from the American Institute of Business Psychology
  • DC360 Organizational Development System that locks clients in for continuous Training

Stand Out and Be Recognized! As a successful, Internationally Branded Certified Directive Communication Psychology Facilitator Trainer, you be among the Elite of International Certified Trainers and will have the credentials to and content to prove it.

The Directive Communication Train the Trainer Program and Training Partner franchise provides a strong platform for individuals seeking to succeed in the international training and consulting industry.

Training Partners who go through the Train the Trainer program in the Directive Communication training methodology and go through an intensive 8 module training curriculum to become Certified Trainers as Directive Communication practitioners and gain their accreditation from the American Institute of Business Psychology (AIOBP). In addition to learning the Directive Communication Training Methodology, Training Partners will also be given substantial know-how in the business of training and consulting and how to make it a profitable career.

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