Cultivating a Vision Centered Organizational Culture

Employee Engagement is the BUZZ word these days, there are hundreds of surveys and processes to let you know What is Going On in Your Organization… are Your Employees Engaged? The fact is that Employee Engagement is directly related to Vision Alignment. Do your employees believe in what your company stands for, in what you are trying to achieve?

If there is a gap, it could be costing you hundreds or even thousands of man hours per month. Not because your employees are incompetent, but because if they are not aligned or engaged, much of their motivation and focus may be diverted to non productive actions. This leads to higher wastage, higher turnover and lower personal effectiveness.

The solution lies in combining genetic psychology, group dynamics and self awareness to form a strategy that associates personal goals and a “Greater Purpose” with the organizations vision.

Applying the DC Revolution Organizational Change process, the methodology for change is tied to this greater purpose through a common language and a unified identity to create almost instant visible results in people’s attitudes and their alignment with what the organization represents.

The complete organizational change process is outlined in Arthur F Carmazzi’s book: “Lessons from the Monkey King” and can be implemented into an organization within 15 days to start seeing very clear organizational change.