What is Work GAMIFICATION and Why is it Important Today

Today we’re, going to be talking about how you can gamify your employees and your work and basically anything that deals with multiple people in order to create:
  • excitement
  • engagement
  • positive emotions and
  • all-around fun
while getting a whole bunch of important stuff done, the first thing in this particular blog (is a whole series of blogs). But the first thing that we’re going to be talking about is what is gamification.

We are also going to discuss in this whole series

  • What is a gamification strategy?
  • What is an example of gamification?
  • Why is gamification bad?
  • How do you do gamification in eLearning
  • Who uses gamification?
  • What are gamification features?
  • How do you use gamification?
  • What are the advantages of gamification?
  • How can I gamify my life?

What is a gamification strategy?

So gamification is not going to be about playing games and it is not about technology. So let’s. Look at what gamification really is.
Gamification is the systematic facilitation of team dynamics to combine measurement motivational psychology and basic all-around fun in existing or improved work processes or activities with the objective of creating desired behaviors and results.

What Is The Value That Gamification Provides For Learners And Businesses?

You notice that there was nothing about apps in that description. This is about the psychology of getting people to have fun while they’re, doing productive things and, of course, it is even more fun or even more productive.
When people are working together to achieve specific objectives, those objectives could be anything from higher sales to innovative marketing concepts, to cross-departmental cooperation, to getting your kids to do their homework, I mean literally, it is any type of objective and it does not require technology.
Although technology can support it in order to achieve gamified work processes, so let’s, go into why this is important and how it’s, essentially working and especially why it’s important during the pandemic.
According to a survey by the American psychological association feeling valued is a key indicator of job performance.
Being appreciated is only one element, one element of essentially feeling valued. When we’re talking about really helping people and appreciating them and this kind of stuff – all that is brilliant. Look at what that means. so the measurement of social approval has always been the foundation of a personal sense of value and in the PFB (Post Facebook) Era that has been literally supercharged.
People who feel personal value are likely to essentially get more things done because they’re, more motivated, more engaged, and more cooperative in different Kinds of situations. It is very important that we understand that feeling valued is not the same as being appreciated.
What does that mean? Well, that means in social media we are gamifying our lives, our jobs, and, of course, if you do any kind of social media for your business well, that is also being affected.

Why Gamification is important now?

Especially in the pandemic, when a lot of people are much more online than they are offline, especially in work environments, so social validation of your life.
Well, basically, you are looking to social media for inspiration. It could be those Instagram super cool sunsets. It could be the fun funny kittens on Facebook or it could be motivational videos or quotes that you see on LinkedIn or whatever.
That element of inspiration is still connecting to our emotional gratification. We’re, looking for ways to connect and connect meaningfully with concepts and other people, and other experiences.
Of course remember: we’re, also looking at the comparison element. The comparison is essentially How am I being compared to everybody else and we all know that everything you see on Facebook is true.
I mean that’s everybody’s real life. The other part is Facebook gives us control over the impression that we create now, that control sense of control. That’s, a great feeling when you think, “wow, I am in control!”
Not for everybody, but some people like to be in control and when they are controlling their image, they’re also getting validation for every single like and every single share, and every single possibility, or comment that is created from that sharing or from those posts.

How Does Gamification Work?

When it’s, business-related then it’s even stronger. We check the interactions of our efforts, which basically either validate or help us to adjust our strategies and because our business and our lives are often connected, especially on social media.
If you’re using social media for business, it expands the emotional connection that you have to everything. So all those likes and shares and comments become even more important because it expands to different parts of your life, not just how awesome I am with my family, but also how awesome my business is, which is directly connected to my personal sense of value. All that stuff very important when we are interacting on social media.
Where does this lead to well consider this? Remember: our personal sense of value is important, but now we’re in a pandemic, so we did a study with over 700 professionals.
What are the four primary factors that are challenging during this Pandemic according to the professionals?
The number one was Engagement where a lot of people put employee engagement, people engagement and so engagement is definitely the number one.
People or organizations are feeling that their biggest challenge is engagement. Now, in addition to that, they also have issues with Anxiety, Cooperation, and even a Sense of mental health of their people.
These are the four main challenges that organizations currently have right now, so gamification actually solves each of these factors by incorporating elements of fun cooperation and engagement. by getting people together, getting them focused on objectives which also improves mental health, reduces anxiety, which is basically because they’re, not really connecting with other people.
They are kind of not clear of where they’re going. So, by using gamification, we’re solving the value problem. So if you want to know how to do that, we’re, going to be talking about that in the next video, which is How to Create a Sense of Personal Value with Work Gamification
Stay tuned for the next video and remember that you can get game on with all of the cases, studies and examples, and everything else on amazon plus. If you’re interested in working with us to gamify your work processes, you can play the performance game with us online or offline with our uh gamification certified trainers.

At the end of the series you will learn:

  • What is Gamification?
  • What are the Benefits?
  • How Can You Create The Desired Impact Through Gamification For Learning?
  • How Does Gamification Work?
  • What Is The Value That Gamification Provides For Learners And Businesses?
  • What Are The Gamification Awards?
Now this game literally, is a game that you play that helps your employees gamify. Your work process is specific to your situation, your culture, and your objectives. So if your organization is interested in improving your organizational culture through this pandemic situation, well give us a call or send us an email at support, directive, communication, dot com, and I will see you in the next video.
This is Arthur Carmazzi wishing you great success.
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