Work Gamification

Performance Measurement, Management & Motivations

High Performance Engagement Through Work Gamification

The Work Gamification is The Systematic facilitation of helping team members combine measurement, motivational psychology, and basic fun in existing or improved Work Processes or Activities with an objective of fostering desired behaviors and results through human focused game design.

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Work can be Fun, if staged in the proper settings and structured to deliver specific emotional gratifications. These emotional gratifications needed to be unique and personalized through the kind of experience they will have on the way to achieve the objective while having fun.

Work Gamification Infographic

Before we start, it’s important to know the background of how our sense of accomplishment and employee motivation came to be what they are today. The diagram shows the things that have happened that have led to this change.

Gamification and Technology to Create a High Performance Culture

Gamification strategy and Technology is essential because simply measuring and supporting performance can go very wrong if not structured to enhance the sense of value across the entire team. 

The Ultimate Guide to Work Gamification

The Work Gamification has evolved with events that change the process of Motivations, and it design for business to apply gamification at work without video games and incorporate real-life gamificationtechnique in a real-life business User Experience.

Work & Productivity Gamification Infographic

Measurement and Feedback is needed from managers to perform their jobs well. This can often be a major factor causing disengagement within companies. And also it improve performance and give clarity.